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Power Coating Automotive Parts

Automotive Powder Coating

Today powder coating has become very popular in the automotive industry. Today the most popular auto parts where you will find powder coating includes wheels, brake calipers, rims, headers, hinges and manifolds. A lot of people powder coat their parts to match  their Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Dirt Bikes, Quads, ATV’s or any other motor vehicles. This gives the part and the vehicle looking fresh and new.  Powder coating automotive parts give you that custom personalized look and feel with your vehicle, which is why it’s popularity continues to grow. 

What Parts Can Be Powder Coated

Powder coating can be applied to almost any metal part on your car or truck. When you search for powder coating for automotive you find the most common is wheels and rims of a vehicle.

  • Car Rims
  • Car Wheels
  • Car Intake Manifolds
  • Car Exhaust Manifolds
  • Car Headers
  • Car Brake Calipers
  • Car Hood Hinges
  • Car Valve Covers
  • Car Carburetors 
  • Car Coil Springs
  • Car Bumpers
  • Car Water Pumps
  • Car Oil Pans
  • Car Lug Nuts
  • Car Radiators
  • Car Bolt Heads
Highest Quality Automotive Power Coating

Our customers satisfaction is our #1 priority. So we media blast the surface of the car parts with a pressure washer with a degreaser and iron phosphate to get rid of all the residues found on surface. This process prepares the surface proper adhesion. 

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