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Rust Removal

Rust and corrosion can start to erode products slowly, spreading as the metal ages. Media blasting can remove rust and corrosion, giving the product a smooth surface in a highly controlled environment for your product.

Efficient Prep

When you hire a professional media blast company, you can effectively prep your materials. We will remove all the old materials from the item's surface; this gives you the best possible surface to work with before applying a new powder coat or paint.

Quality Products

The best way to prevent corrosion is to remove contaminants from the surface, such as old paint, rust, and grime; this will provide the best possible surface to work with before applying any new coatings to the items. This commitment to quality can also boost your customers' confidence while raising your reputation in the industry.

Best Coatings

When a product is prepared with our pressurized abrasive blaster, it will give the best possible substrate for coating. The powder coat will have superior adhesion to the surface, making it last for years and years to come.

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Best Powder Coating In Las Vegas

Powder Coating delivers superior performance over painted products. It is much more durable and less likely to chip or peel while providing incredible UV stability and color retention.

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The Breakdown

6 Steps To Our Success With Powder Coating

Acid Wash
Pre Bake
How We Powder Coat

The 6 Stages to Powder Coating

It’s a method of applying special, electrically-charged powder to grounded parts. This powder adheres to a given part through an electrostatic attraction. Eventually, heat is added to flow the powder together and cure it into the durable, long-lasting finish

We degrease the item by spraying a chemical that eats away all loose dirt, debris, oils, grease, and grime. Next, we sandblast the products removing any rust, paint, Bondo, or powder coat so we can have a fresh, clean surface to work with.

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Stage 1

Degrease & Blast

Once we have cleaned the item and applied our pretreatment chemicals, we put the parts in the oven to Pre Bake the item. When we heat the product, it allows the tiny pockets of gas to escape from the pores of the metal. By doing this, we remove any chance of possible adhesion problems during the curing process.

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Stage 4

Pre Bake

Once and the item is all finished with the cleaning process. We inspect and hand sand any rough areas to ensure the surface is smooth and ready to powder coat.

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Stage 2


During the application process, our professional applicators use the highest quality powder coat materials available. We use only top-of-the-line powder coating guns to apply the powder to the items. This is a statement to our customers saying that we are committed to providing the best possible product available.

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Stage 5


The first step of the Pretreatment involves a High pressurized wash with iron phosphate. We then rinse the Item Using our state-of-the-art mineral-free Reverse osmosis water system.

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Stage 3

Reverse Osmosis

When the powder coat application is finished, we let the parts cool down to ambient temperature. Once the item is ready, our team will carefully wrap and protect the items for transportation to their final destination.

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Stage 6

Cure & Wrap

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